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Full Disclaimer: What I Achieved Is Not EASY or TYPICAL.

I Went From Being In Calls All Day And Getting Paid For My Time

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Snorkeling With My Girlfriend
Eating Out With My Friends
Taking A Nap
Discovering Secret Beaches
Having Sex

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From: Miquel Gironès
Tulum, Mexico

Hi, Miquel here again.

You probably ask yourself how come I could go from 8 hours a day of calling clients to my first $10,037usd Weekend of Automated Sales (I remember going to run and walking the park in Madrid, Spain that day)

Disclaimer: it took me 13 months to get there, a couple of mentors and tons of trial and error.

The difference with now: I invested 7 hours a day building and running an online business for the last 3 years to be able to simplify the “Self-Paid Funnel” to a… well… a 1-day course that everybody can now apply. No need for tech skills or marketing knowledge (although if you have them, you’ll see better results)

Disclaimer again: I am not saying you will achieve these results in your first attempt. Actually, this is not the course for you if you are just chasing quick money. If that’s the case, I am not your guy.

What you will get is:

The Self-Paid Funnel Course: From trapped in the rat race To Time And Geographically Free

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acronym. Together Everyone Achieves More

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I hope you enjoy the course!

To your success,
Miquel Gironès

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